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Where to find great books to read:


1.   Black-Eyed Susan Books  (Find Grades 6-9 for regular and graphic novels )


2.    Glick's Picks.....Good reading all year long---not just in the summer!


3. Check out items from your public library. 

You can now use your BCPS-ONE I.D.  for public library checkout. 



             Use Destiny to locate print and e-books online ---   Log-in to Destiny with your BCPS-One account    



Sixth graders may earn free Pizza Hut pizza coupons through "Book-It."

Top reader prizes also go to seventh and eighth graders in Dec. 2018



Need to Know?


Word for the day---from Merriam-Webster


Avoiding Plagiarism Video:

What goes in a Works Cited citation video?

 How to take notes with index cards

How to take Cornell Notes

What is a Wiki? 

Practice vocabulary and other skills at: 

The Book Review/Book Report format is at:
Library of Congress on "Using Primary Resources"


 Woodlawn Middle's Library Media Teacher: Ms. Alaoui -- 
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