School Uniform & Supplies

 School Uniforms 2021-2022


All Woodlawn Middle School students are required to wear grade-level colored uniform polo shirts and khaki bottoms. Khaki bottoms must be knee-length or longer and may not be shredded or ripped.  Students may not wear jeans, leggings, or jeggings.  Hooded sweatshirts or hooded sweaters are not allowed. Sweaters must be solid and match the grade-level color. The grade level colors for polo shirts and sweaters are:

Grade 6 – Burgundy              Grade 7 – Black             Grade 8 – Heather Gray             

For School Use

  • Pens (Blue or Black)
  •  #2 Pencils
  • Pack of Colored Pencils
  • 2-inch Three ring binder
  • 2 (two)-single subject spiral notebooks
  • Three-hole filler paper (Wide Ruled)
  • 1- Sketchbook (Art)
  • Pencil Pouch (to be placed in the binder)
  • Compass and protractor (Geometry ONLY)
  • 1 pack 3x3 post-it notes
  • Pack of Highlighters
  • 5 – 2 pocket folders with holes
  • Glue stick
  • Ruler
  • Washable Markers (optional)
  • Mask or face covering (No bandanas)

Physical Education

For the start of the 2021-22 school year, students will not change for PE.  However, students will need to wear appropriate, safe and supportive footwear on PE days.  When the metrics allow, and we are allowed to utilize PE locker rooms, students will be encouraged to be in uniform during physical education. The Woodlawn Middle School Physical Education Uniform consists of black mesh shorts and a solid red shirt.  The preferred PE uniform has the Woodlawn Middle School logo and will be available for purchase at Woodlawn Middle School when the time comes.

Important Notes:

  • Parents/Guardians please remember that supplies may need to be replenished throughout the school year.
  • Permanent markers/sharpies and scissors are prohibited at Woodlawn Middle School.
  • Cell phones are not a required school supply.  If your student must bring a cell phone with them, they do so at their own risk. ***Please note - all cell phones are required to be kept in the student’s locker while at school. If you need to reach your student during the school day, please contact the main office at (443) 809-1304.