Weekly Science Homework Directions

GT Weekly Science Assignments

Ms. Weyant’s Science Class

For the remainder of the year, students will use this handout to complete their weekly vocabulary homework assignments. All science homework assignments are to be recorded in their agenda book, and a homework completion grade will be given each week for just having the vocabulary assignment completed on a weekly basis. Additionally, each student will have a weeklong assignment that will be giving out on Monday and due the last day of the week (this will typically be on Thursday or Friday) which will also be graded for accuracy.

Weekly: Complete the weekly handout that is given on Monday. The weekly assignment is due on Friday.

Monday – Thursday: Please choose from one of the following assignments below each week.

Vocabulary needs to be kept in the pocket of their science folder as a reference to study from weekly.

Vocabulary Homework Options (pick one each week)

  1. Defining Key Vocabulary: Define at least 10 key vocabulary words used in class this week.


  2. Vocabulary Sentences: use at least 10 vocabulary words in an appropriate sentence.



  3. Story Writing: Create a story using at least10 vocabulary we have learned in class.


  4. Comic Strip: Create a comic strip depicting the key concepts learned in the unit.



  5. Question Cards: Create10 question cards. Question Cards are written to reflect and review information. The QUESTION is placed on the front of the card. A SUMMARIZED ANSWER is placed on the back of the card.


  6. Concept Map:
  • Place the main theme or concept in a center bubble.
  • Branch related concepts or topics of the central bubble.
  • Use at least 4 colors and 4 shapes – Each color and shape must represent a different thread of ideas- if a concept is related to more than one thread, use both colors.
  • Write explanations next to the lines connecting the bubbles.
  1. Summary: Don’t Break The Bank
  • At $.10 a word, you have a SET DOLLAR AMOUNT ($ 4.00) to spend on a message to explain the Assigned Concept.
  • A four-color illustration must show the key points of the Assigned Concept.
  • Two paragraphs of 5-8 sentences must be used to explain how the illustration and message are each related to the Assigned Concept.


  1. Word Map: Choose 5 words you are struggling with and create the following word map


Write the word





Write an example sentence using the word

Define the Word





Draw a picture to represent the word


Tell what the word is like









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