Marguerite West

I hope that you have had a nice summer and would like to welcome you to Woodlawn Middle school.  I am excited to be working with these students this year.   It is my goal to continue to work hard to challenge these students and help them achieve a Proficient or Advanced score on the upcoming MSA.  The best way to ensure that every student achieves to their greatest potential is to make sur ethat every student is putting in 100% effort.

I would greatly appreciate hearing from you about any questions or concerns you may have throughout the school year.  You can reach me using my contact information. 


Below you will find some of the policies and procedures that we will be following this year.




            Parentsshould check student’s agenda book daily. This will provide you with the daily homework assignments.

  • Send a note
  • Call the school
  • Email

Individual conferences are by appointment only.  Please call the school to arrange a time.


Homework Policy:


            Homework isgiven every night.   Each night studentsshould review notes and vocabulary from class and organize their material inpreparation for the next day.  A largepart of a student’s academic success is being prepared daily.


Grading Information:


Classwork       50%

Assessments    25%

Homework      15% (Homework is assigned every night)

Participation    10% (Includes effort put forth during class and behavior)  


            Total                            100%


NOTE:  If thedirections on an assignment require the student show their work or justifytheir answer, no credit will be given if the student does not follow thedirections.


Student Absences:


            Any studentwho misses time from school for any reason, other than a school suspension,must submit a note upon the students return to school.  The note should indicate the date(s) thestudent was absent, the reason for the absence and a phone number and signatureof the parent or guardian.  If notice isnot received within three days WMS policy is to mark the absence as unexcused.

Made-up Work:


Students will not be allowed tomake up work without written notification. Once written notice is received, make up work will be assigned.


Class Expectations:


On a daily basis students areexpected to do the following:


            *          Be on time

            *          Be prepared

            *          Be respectful

            *          Be responsible

            *          Be attentive

            *          Be on task

            *          Be safe

            *          Be encouraging & positive




            Wheneverthere are rules or expectations there must be consequences and reward toreinforce them.  In the event that astudent does not do what is expected, they will be subject to one or more ofthe following consequences.


  • Warning – parent phone call
  • Teacher detention
  • Team detention
  • Conference with parent; possible Saturday school
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion








Good grades should be incentiveenough for a student to do their very best daily.  However, there are times when a student mightneed a little extra push.


  • Teacher/Team praise
  • Gotcha Tickets
  • Positive notes home
  • Positive phone calls home
  • Pencils
  • Treats



I look forward to a wonderfulyear!!



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