Fundraiser Info

Woodlawn Middle School (WMS) has a number of fundraising projects that support the school and instruction.  These projects change from time to time.

Fundraising information:    

In order to supplement the cost of the various experiential opportunities for Grade 8 students, and the cost of end of year activities, the 8th Grade has been engaged in a fundraiser through Yankee Candle.  Our students are off to a great start, and we have two and a half weeks to go before the fundraiser officially ends. 

Our goal is to earn $15,000, and we need the help of the entire community, and this is entirely achievable because  40% of every sale goes to us


Place orders on-line with shipping directly to the purchaser through October 31, 2017 to ensure a holiday delivery!


Online Shopping visit:
Check out our special addition of “Home & Family” products now available online only
Ball®, Oster®, Rubbermaid®, Coleman®, Mr. Coffee® and Crockpot®, brands you love and trust.


                Below are three ways you can easily help support our organization:


FIRST, and the most convenient, check out our new MOBILE APP below.  Three simple steps; Download Free App, insert Group Number, send text and emails!   So easy, give it a try!


SECOND, you can create a Seller’s Login to enlist friends and family from near and far to help our organization reach its goals. Once on the

click on the Seller login TAB and Sign Up to be a Seller, follow the simple instructions, verify your account and list email addresses of friends and family on your dashboard.


THIRD, please click on the following link: Woodlawn Middle School Shopping Page

This is our very own Yankee Candle shopping page and you can place an order.

Please support the 8th Grade by purchasing candles for yourselves, friends, or loved ones, or by sharing this information with your network of supporters.  If we achieve our $15,000 goal, not only can we offset the costs of all planned trips for the year, but we can also support the replacement of the WMS marquee with a digital one as a gift of the class of 2022.


Thank you all for your support!