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Ms. Williams, 8th Grade Reading/LA

Unit 1: The Challenge of Heroism --- See attached research sheet and PPT
Due: Thurs., Oct. 31, 2013---Definition Eassy on "Heroes"---3 paragraphs with 7 sentences in each paragraph.
Paragraph 1= Definition and function of a hero
Paragraph 2= Examples of heroes
Paragraph 3= Negation or what a hero is not
Characteristics of a Hero at:


Unit 2: Real-Life Challenges
Objective:  SWBAT use persuasive techniques (including pathos, logos, or ethos) IOT write and persuade a group of people to buy a particular product that the student has created/developed.

1. Persuasive Writing PPT
2. Study Guide 8th Grade Persuasive Writing Quiz:
3. Graphic Design Into at BrainPop
Include a name for your product and the purpose
Blank script

 Unit 2: The Reader’s Art ---- The Biographical Approach
Objective: SWBAT use online sources to analyze an author’s life (biographical events) IOT determine what aspects of her/his life impacted his writing. Overview & Worksheet.