After School Clubs

After School Programs

AVID * Ms. Clark Class
Art Club Moritz 3-4 Wkly Thurs
Basketball (Girls) * Mr. Jones Seasonal Wkly TBA

Basketball (Boys) * Mr. Atkins Seasonal Wkly
Broadcast Ms. Clark 7:30-8am Wkly Wed
Mrs. Pluim
Chess Ms. Sutton-Echols 3-4, Wkly Wed
Cross Country * Ms. Sutton-Echols Seasonal
Wkly TBA
Dance Ms. Wylie 3-4 Wkly Wed
Drama Mr. Donahue 3-4 Wkly Thurs
Gentlemen Eagles Mr. Cole 3-4 Wkly Mon, Wed, Fri
Instrumental Music Ms. Ziemski 3-4, Wed Thurs *
Lady Eagles Ms. Wylie & Ms. Anthony 3-4 Wkly Thurs & Fri
Literary Magazine Ms. Foerg-Spittel 3-4 Mthly
Math Club Ms. Balbedina
Math Count Ms. Balbedina 3-4 Wkly Thurs
MESA Ms. Dupre 3-4, Bi-Wkly Thurs
National Jr Honor Society * Ms. Hossbach Bi-Wkly 3-4 Thurs
Newspaper Ms. Huber 3-4,
Wkly Thurs
Robotics Mr. Palmer 3-4, Tues & Thurs
Science Fair/STEM Night Ms. Dupre TBD
Student Council Sye 3-4 Wkly Wed Thurs
Tennis Mr. Dixon 3-5 -Wed, Thurs & Fri
Track & Field Ms. Sutton-Echols Seasonal TBA
Vocal Music Mr. Morrison 3-4, Wed.
Yearbook Ms. Grieg /Katano 3-4, Thurs
Yoga Club Ms. Foerg-Spittel 3-4, Wed.
Please Note: TBA = To Be Announced
* = Try Out/Apply Required